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Year of Manufacture2006-2007


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The Toyota Alphard is a luxury MPV produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota since 2002. It is available as a seven or eight-seater with 2.4 and 3.0 litre gasoline engines in 3 different model lines – Alphard G, Alphard V, and the Alphard Hybrid, which uses the 2.4 litre engine along with an electrical motor and batteries. The Alphard is primarily made for the Japanese market, but is also sold in Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Bahrain, Oman[2] and Malaysia. The vehicle was named after the Alphard, the brightest star in the constellation Hydra.Toyota states its “E-Four electric 4WD system that regulates a rear-mounted, rear-wheel-propelling electric motor and coordinates electric power distribution to all four wheels. An ECB (Electrically Controlled Brake system) provides efficient wheel-by-wheel brake control.”In 2006, a Royal Lounge Alphard was introduced. It is a luxurious, four-seat version of the Alphard. Its traditional competitor from Nissan is the Elgrand. Toyota also makes a sportier version of the Alphard, aimed at the younger generation called the Vellfire.

Unit 1

Black-USED-ANH10 0191989 – Nov’07 2362cc, 1 Power Door, Navi, HID, AW

Unit 2

Black-USED-ANH10 0191980 – Nov’07 2362cc, 1 Power Door, TV, Navi, PTS, HID, MAT, AW

Unit 3

Grey-USED-ANH10-0155038-July’06,2362cc, SR, 2 Power Door, TV, Navi, FBC, Ceiling Monitor, HID, MAT, 18 inch AW

Unit 4(SOLD)

Grey-USED-ANH10-0150330-362cc, SR, 2 Power Door, TV, Navi, FBC, Theater, HID, MAT, AW




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