Toyota Harrier 240g(White)


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The HARRIER that was debut in 1997 sells 530,000 as luxury SUV that has a basic performance of a high-level salon, and has built an original genre named the most popular SUV in the world. It is in February, 2003 to be handed over at the second generation. The platform of the new design is adopted and it is changed completely, and it is characterized to exceed a high-level salon and characterizes in an aim handling performance and advanced safety. Sharp headlamp have a presentiment of running. The back window of the hexagon feature.

The room adopted Impanedezain of shape to image the appearance that opened the wing by the hawk and flew up.

The total length, the width, the total height, and the wheelbase are expanded, and the room and the luggage space of composure are achieved. The rear seat adopts the division variable type at 4:2:4, and a seat slide of 120mm and right and left independent reclining are possible. Convenient equipment such as deck under trays that open with the system and one button from which it winds up up the tonneau cover at the same time as opening the back door is adopted.

Engines are two models (four cylinder 2.4L and V6 3.5L). The shift operation of the manual sense becomes possible 5speed AT with sequential shiftomaticc or 4speed AT.

The high level and the safety equipment have been enhanced further besides the application grade of the option equipment is expanded in July, 2004. The V6 engine was aimed at in January, 2006 and the enhancement of equipment was aimed at as 350G was equipped normally with VSC&TRC besides the displacement improved from 3.0L to 3.5L.


Makes: Harrier and Toyota.

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