What is MMIP?

MMIP is a high-risk insurance pool that runs collectively by the insurance industry under the orders from the regulators. It provides motor insurance to vehicle owners with difficulty to obtain motor insurance from normal commercial insurance market.

The pool is managed by MMIP Services Sdn Bhd (MSSB), a subsidiary of MNRB Holdings Bhd (MNRB).

The documents required for MMIP are as follows:

A) Required Documents:

  1. The Original Policy or Renewal Notice of the previous insurance.
  2. The original copy of the Vehicle Registration Card (both sides)
  3. A copy of the Owner’s NRIC (both sides).
  4. A fully completed Proposal Form
  5. Additional Documents:

i)For Trade Plate:

a) The original copy of the trade plate disc.

ii) For Commercial Vehicle:

a) A copy of the permit (if any).

b) A copy of the vehicle inspection report (from Puspakom).

iii) For Company Owned Vehicle:

a) The Company’s rubber-stamps.

iv) For Private Cars or Motorcycles above 10 Years:

a) A copy of the vehicle inspection report from Puspakom or Any Private Adjuster.

v)For Insured above 65 Years Old:

a) The original copy of the insured’s medical report.

B) Payment:

1.You can either pay by:

 i)Cash : Payment can be made at counter; or

ii) Cheque : Payment can be made at counter (Note: Please prepare a cheque payable to ‘MSSB – MMIP’ and write your Name, NRIC No. and Contact Details on the reverse side of the cheque).


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